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Structural Repairs

Cascading Rock Gully Control Structures

A series of large rock structures have been constructed in the bed of a large eroding dry creek. Rock has been sourced from nearby paddocks using a Schulte High Rise rock picker.

Rock is a naturally occurring resource on farm and the structures, whilst very robust, are able to be added to or modified if required. The basic idea is that the top height of each structure will back water to the base of the structure upstream.

Each structure is no more than a metre in height. The rock weirs are ‘leaky’ structures that slowly release the water back into the creek.

Already the creek bed has  been transformed from a dry ‘Gutter’ to a moist environment with the flourishing vegetation now trapping any sediment present. Pools of water are common and ideal for a reedy aquatic environment.

All of these structures were constructed at a fraction of the cost of a single concrete flume and have much less embodied energy.


We do a little to slow the water flow and remove its destructive energy. The creek bed will now revegetate and a new form of habitat will be created.


Groin and pin river control structures made from hardwood sourced on farm.

These structures are made from hardwood logs sourced on farm. Logs are secured both into the bank and the stream bed. Other logs are used as pins and embedded into the creek bed to prevent the structure from being swept away.

The whole structure has a low profile in the stream and are created from a natural farm resource. Controlling stock access to the stream bed also encourages revegetation which in turn reduces the destructive energy from a flow event.


The structure reduces the waters energy near the stream bank. The build up of material and eventually vegetation against the structure will create a permanent barrier to protect the bank.



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