solar power on Toulon

Solar Power on Toulon

Solar power is central to the themes of this on farm project.

– SunPower® solar panels generate the power to run the electric Mitsubishi Triton, in all of its farm activities. After the cost of installation we now have access to free fuel from the Sun.

– Grid Connect. All electric power drawn from the grid is countrygreen® GreenPower™ accredited renewable energy from Country Energy. Solar grid connect is an important part of this plan. Surplus farm solar power is fed back to the grid. In this way the grid is a two-way energy bank.

Solar powered pumping and solar powered electric fencing are both utilized on farm. We focus on utilising as much renewable power on farm as possible. We have also been involved in discussions to potentially have a larger array sited on Toulon which would generate GreenPower™ for the local region.

Summary of the SunPower 4.2 kW Photovoltaic solar array

Solar Panel Array
14 x SunPower SPR - 300 – WHT-I solar Panels Panel efficiency = 18.4% Cells – (96 per panel) SunPower all back contacted monochrystaline
SunPower solar Panels convert sunlight into DC electrical power.

Inverter (red box)
SMA Sunny Boy SB3800 PV inverter (Transformer type)
The inverter converts the DC power from the array to AC power suitable for powering the shearing shed, pumps, workshop, house, feeding back into the grid and most importantly recharging electric vehicles!
Averages – 7000 kWh per year produced
- Over 7 tonnes of C02 reduced from entering the atmosphere (= 14,000 wheelie bins of C02 e)

View Array Summary (PDF)

Professional system design and Installation by an approved Solar Installer (Ethical Energy) has maximised this systems efficiency.








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